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19/04/10: Bawn Trubble - Powersurge out now

That's right folks, head to our shop to get your hands on Powersurge by Bawn Trubble, you can of course pay what you like.

<a href="http://bawntrubble.bandcamp.com/track/powersurge">Powersurge by Bawn Trubble</a>


18/03/10: Method Members: Be a part of Method Label

We're offering the chance to be a part of Method Label. We're offering fortunate individuals free stuff, and promotion. Toodle over here to learn more.


Method Members


03/03/10: Method Label Announces Launch. Search for New Talent Underway

Welcome to The Method Label. A record label that brings a fresh approach to a wilting music industry. We launch in May 2010.

If you are an aspiring artist, with a passion for electronic music, you could be a part of Method Label. We're currently accepting demos. Just chuck a link to some of your tracks to Ben along with a brief biography. If we approve, our seasoned pros will promote and release your tunes, as well as exploiting links in the media to try and get them featured in Film and TV, which can be a big part of any electronic musician's career.


More news will go here...Um...When it happens...